Predator Free NZ

Predator Free 2050 Limited is a Crown-owned, charitable company established to help deliver the New Zealand government’s ambitious goal of eradicating possums, stoats and rats throughout NZ/Aotearoa by 2050. PF2050Ltd are currently funding six large landscape projects, enabling predator control to eradication projects over 254,000 ha over five years. PF2050 Ltd to contribute $23.2m towards total project costs of $89.7m, a leverage ratio of 2.86:1. PF2050Ltd are also contributing $1m per annum towards breakthrough science guided by our Research Strategy.Predator Free 2050 Limited provides co-funding for large, co-ordinated landscape projects, alongside regional and city councils, community groups, government agencies, iwi and private funders. 


This is where the Bream Head Conservation Trust enters the picture as we have already been extremely proactive in terms of realising the aims of the predator free New Zealand concept in our rohe. In addition to the extensive pest control work that has been done over the last 14 years, we also recognise that advances in technology are critical to maintain pests at very low numbers and reduce the costs of doing this.

BHCT have been working alongside the Northland Regional Council’s Predator Free Whangarei project for approximately two years now. Our team have been part of the project right from the start with direct involvement in the initial funding application to PF2050Ltd, the development of a plan for PFW possum eradication, advice on the operational advisory group and the strategic advisory group, as well as hands on delivery of contracts to install the first detection and predator removal equipment at Whangarei Heads. The Trust aims to continue to work alongside the predator free movement going forward in order to increase our capability to meet our strategic vision to restore Bream Head/Te Whara’s ecological values to pre human times.


Bream Head/Te Whara is an ideal place for the start of such a project, as the infrastructure is already in place, we have a proven track record of good conservation management, and we have a driven and passionate community who support the project. We have also already embraced new technology ourselves, as trials with remote reporting nodes, trail cameras and automated pest detection devices are underway or planned.


It is an interesting time for conservation management in New Zealand. The social license for ecological restoration and the benefits to our health and wellbeing are beginning to get the recognition and support it deserves. Therefore, the Bream Head/Te Whara Conservation Trust fully supports the aspirational goals of realising a predator free New Zealand and we are looking forward to our continued mahi alongside partners on the journey to reach this goal.

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