Robin Sightings

Between April and June 2016 we released 40 North Island Robins (Toutouwai) into Bream Head Reserve.  We are keen to monitor the birds as they establish themselves and (we hope) increase their numbers.  If you have seen a robin please let us know the date, time of day, number of birds, location (plus maybe a description of what the birds were doing and how that made you feel).

Contacting the Rangers

We have full time, part time and volunteer Rangers doing the hard yards out on the Reserve most days. If you have seen something you think they should know about or have a question for them please email, or phone Tom Flynn-Plummer on 027 876 8833 or use the contact form below.


If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please sign up using our Volunteer Sign-Up form. Existing volunteers can email Jenny Lawrence, our volunteer coordinator at

Friends of Bream Head Conservation Trust

Contact our general email address at for information about Friends registration, subscription and events.  For Friends sign-up (for yourself or for someone else) you can also use our Friends Sign-Up Page.

General Enquiries

For all other enquiries please use the form below.  We’ll do our best to find the best person to respond to your message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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