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Bream Head Scenic Reserve is a restoration work in progress involving community volunteers, the Department of Conservation and many supporters.  In step with Predator Free 2050, our goal is pest eradication and following many years of hard mahi, we are well on our way.

Major tasks include trapping and monitoring, weed management, revegetation, enhancement of education and recreation facilities, species translocations, fundraising and liaison with government, industry, iwi and the community.

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There are many volunteer opportunities to suit nearly everyone from running a trap/toxin line to working in our native tree nursery.

We are on the look out for volunteer Busby trappers, Kiwi call counters as well as track maintenance and plant Nursery.

If this sound like you and you would love to help, See the full page below to Sign up as a volunteer

There are many volunteer opportunities to suit nearly everyone from running a trap/toxin line to working in our native tree nursery. Here is a brief overview and contact information for our volunteer coordinator.

Busby trappers – are a group that meets on the second Sunday of the month for about two to three hours to rebait and check the trap lines in the Smugglers/Busby head section of the reserve.

The Bream Head Newbold Nursery – Thanks to local landowner Rupert Newbold, we have a large
area on the reserve boundary operating as a native plant nursery with the capacity to grow 10,000

5 minute bird call counts – Every quarter we have teams of two or three who visit stations located throughout the reserve to count all calls and sighting of birds in the area.

Kiwi call counting – every May June, we participate in the annual kiwi call counts.

Trap Toxin lines on Te Whara – On the main reserve there are trap and toxin lines the entire reserve.  Some of these are through steep terrain.

Smuggler’s Track Maintenance – The Smugglers loop track is one of the most popular walks on the reserve and circles a large sunny headland that we is the main site for our current revegetation efforts. These new plantings require “releasing” from invasive weeds as well as some care and attention to the perimeter of the main track.

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No matter how much you are able to give, each donation moves us closer to our conservation and restoration goals. Ninety six percent of each donated dollar is used directly on the reserve!

Make a Donation to Bream Head Conservation Trust

You can make a one-off donation to:

Name: Bream Head Conservation Trust
ASB: 12-3115-0120268-00
Ref: Donation

Please complete our contact form so we can send you a donation receipt.

Or head over to Bream Head/ Te Whara Conservation Trust's Give a Little page

Send us an email at with your contact number if you wish to make a cash donation.

Leaving a legacy

You can leave a long-lasting legacy by supporting Bream Head/ Te Whara Conservation Trust in your will.

Leaving an endowment bequest will help to safeguard the reserve into the future so more generations can enjoy its unique biodiversity.

It’s simple! Contact the Northland Community Foundation to learn how it works.

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Become a friend

Get involved by setting up monthly or yearly donations and join a dedicated group of Friends who want the best for the Bream Head Scenic Reserve.

By becoming a Friend you automatically receive our bi-monthly Rangers Reports.

You also receive invitations for events taking place in and around the reserve. For example this can be a lecture about a specific conservation topic or an invitation to celebrate an important milestone.

We would like to acknowledge new monthly donations with a welcome gift.

For donations up to $25, you get one of our quirky bumper stickers. For donations $25 and over you get a set of BHCT greeting cards.

You can set up your payments via internet banking using the payment details on the donations page or you can print the Bream Head Automatic payment Form and take it to your bank.

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Show your support with our exclusive bumper stickers or greeting cards. They look great and make us a bit of money too.

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Greeting Cards

Buy yourself a set of unique Bream Head themed cards.  Local artist Terri Fitzgibbon created beautiful custom artwork for the 2021 BHCT calendars. This year, we are bringing those images back by popular demand in the form of 175×120 size high-quality greeting cards.

All images relate specifically to the Bream Head/ Te Whara area. The greeting cards are available in a set of 10 for $20, envelopes included.

They are also a great gift. You can buy them by contacting us via email

Bumper Stickers

If you want to spread the conservation message as you drive, you can get yourself one of our funky bumper stickers. The dimensions are 250mm by 100mm and are $6 each. To purchase, get in touch by email for more details or look out for us at local events.

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Sponsors and Funding

Funding for the Trust comes from a wide range of sources.  We are grateful for all the organisations which generously make financial contributions which allow our work to continue.  We also acknowledge countless hours donated unpaid by volunteer individuals and organisations.  Without your support none of our success would have been possible.

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Sign up for our Ranger Reports

The easiest way to help our work at the Bream Head Scenic Reserve is to sign up for our bi-monthly Rangers Reports.  The reports are written by our Head Ranger and keep you up to date with the latest news straight to your email inbox.  If you know what’s going on you can really help us spread the news!

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