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There are many volunteer opportunities to suit nearly everyone from running a trap/toxin line to working in our native tree nursery. Here is a brief overview and contact information for our volunteer coordinator.

Busby trappers – are a group that meets on the second Sunday of the month for about two to three hours to rebait and check the trap lines in the Smugglers/Busby head section of the reserve.

Te Whara Forest Recovery Team – this group meets on the third sunday (usually) of the month and tackles weed infestations on the Bream Head/Te Whara side of the reserve along toward Matariki (Mt. Lion).

Native Plant Nursery – We have been setting up our own native tree nursery since 2019.  We now have an area on the boundary where we have our own little nursery with the goal of resuming planting days in 2022.

5 minute bird call counts – Every quarter we have teams of two or three who visit stations located throughout the reserve to count all calls and sighting of birds in the area.

Kiwi call counting – every May June, we participate in the annual kiwi call counts.

Track Maintenance – BHCT looks after most areas of the reserve including the main Peach Cove track and hut.

Volunteer/Tech/Communications – we are keen to find someone who could help out with the volunteer recruitment and communication etc.

Trap Toxin lines on Te Whara – On the main reserve there are trap and toxin lines zig zagging the entire reserve.  Some of these are through steep terrain although most of those areas contain hand lines, it is still physically challenging work.

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The easiest way to help our work at the Bream Head Scenic Reserve is to sign up for our monthly Rangers Reports.  The reports are written by our full-time Ranger and keep you up to date with the latest news straight to your email inbox.  If you know what’s going on you can really help us spread the news!
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