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Reotahi Coastal Walkway Weeding

February 22, 2019

Reotahi Flyer A4 March 2019

This March, Weed Action have two events planned along the Coastal Walkway of Reotahi.

The first event is a ‘Weed Info Walk’ which will be an easy & short guided walk. We’re hoping to inform/remind the community of how unique NZ’s forest ecosystems are and the threats that weeds pose to diversity. I talk about weeds so much, that it will be refreshing to chat about the gorgeous coastal forest that we’re trying to protect. We will also give weed control demonstrations on the 3 most abundant weeds on this portion of the track from our Dirtiest Dozen list.

The second event is a Weed Event/Working Bee. We have a few hours to do some control work especially focusing on the cotoneaster, ginger and elaeagnus along the track.

The underlying aim of both events is to give Reotahi residents the gift/curse of weed vision, to take ownership of the area and come to Weed Action for support & training if they want to be part of the action.

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