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Rodney Gates 1938-2023

September 23, 2023

Rod has had a very long and fruitful relationship with Bream Head/ Te Whara Conservation Trust, as he was involved with the Trust from its inception as a volunteer and as a board member.

His first, and possibly most enduring act was writing the content of the Trust Deed. He did this together with David Munro, the former chair of the Restoration Committee. This deed is still fit for purpose today. Thanks to Rod and David, the Trust became a legal Charitable Trust.

In order to be able to operate on a Conservation Estate a Management Agreement with the Department of Conservation was needed. Rod established that relationship with the intellect and legal professionalism he always showed when acting on behalf of the Trust.

A few years later he established another Management Agreement with DOC allowing the Trust to undertake pest control management at the Recreation Reserve (which is the dune landscape  between Ocean Beach and Kauri Mountain). Interestingly, work will start on that pest corridor over the next few months.

Rod successfully applied for funding from the Ministry for the Environment gaining us a three year funding stream. The Trust was able to repeat this again thanks in no small part to the quality of Rod’s original application.

Rod also used his influence to secure our second Patron, Sir Paul Reeves, as well as our third patron, John Maasland.

Physically, Rod was a very big man with the intellect and moral courage to match. He had a very strong sense of the value of conservation of the natural world, inspiring many.

Kia okioki e hoa tawhito

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